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Aman Mosque (13)

About the Principal


Ar. Bayejid M. Khondoker creates places and spaces that engage in a dialog with the history, beliefs and needs of a particular place and time.

As a profound architect of Bangladesh, he works on many scales, thoughtfully designing public places and spaces, to build on the unique local character and the best qualities of the forms inherent in that geographic region. Read more at: Showcase Magazine

Bayejid Mahbub Khondker 2

Bayejid Mahbub Khondker

Principal Architect and Founder


Nakshabid is a team of collaborative,
innovative thinkers who enjoy contributing to our dynamic, rewarding studio culture.


Bayejid Mahbub Khondker 2

Bayejid Mahbub Khondker
Principal Architect, MIAB, B.Arch (BUET)

Ar. Mamun Neysar
Senior Architect, B.Arch (BUET)

Ms. Syeda Afrin Ara Chowdhury
Partner, B. Sc. (Stat), M.Sc. (RU)


Ar. Shibaji Bagchi
Architect, MIAB, B.Arch (KU)

Ar. Samiul Alam
Architect, AMIAB, B.Arch (SUST)

Ar. Fahim Mahmud
Architect, AMIAB, B.Arch (KU)

Ar. Tasnim Kabir
Architect, B.Arch (NSU)

Ar. Ajoy Das
Architect, B.Arch (KU)

Ar. Taiyeba Nafrin
Architect, B.Arch (SUST)

Ar. Jarin Subah Tumpa
Architect, B.Arch (KU)


Ar Most Salma Naznin
Junior Architect, AMIAB, B.Arch (UAP)

Ar Md Tariqul Islam
Junior Architect, B.Arch (SUB)

Ar Fairooz Nawar Rangan
Junior Architect, B.Arch (SEU)

Ar. Yasir Afiyat Rafi
Junior Architect, B.Arch (SUST)

Ar Abdullah Al Habib Nabil
Junior Architect, B.Arch (SUST)


Rowshon Ara Begum
Assistant Architect, Diploma in Arch.


Sumon Adhikari
Office Assistant

Office Peon